The Art of Searing

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A glistening, caramelized crust and a juicy, succulent interior—the perfect sear is the crown jewel of grilling, a testament to both technique and the right equipment. And what better canvas for this than the Engel Master, the king of stainless steel outdoor kitchens?


This freestanding or built-in wood and charcoal grill, with a Gaucho grill and an outdoor fireplace, is a dream for enthusiasts. Its premium construction, temperature control techniques, and versatility create the ideal environment for achieving searing perfection.


So, prepare as we take you on a journey to grill & smoke mastery, specifically tailored for your Engel Master!


Understanding the Science of Sear


Before we dive into fire and flame, let’s understand the science behind that mesmerizing sear. Searing occurs when intense heat rapidly caramelizes the sugars and proteins on the meat’s surface, creating a flavorful crust while locking in the juices.


The key is high, direct heat (think 400-500°F) to quickly brown the exterior without overcooking the inside. Lower the Master’s grill onto the fire for perfect temperature control.


Here’s the magic combo for the perfect sear:

  1. Properly dried meat: Excess moisture hinders browning, so pat your meat dry with paper towels before hitting the grill.
  2. Preheat your Engel Master: Give your outdoor grill time (+-20 minutes for direct flame grilling) to reach a searing temperature. Aim for an even heat across the grilling surface.
  3. Choose the right cut: Steaks, chops, and burgers with generous fat content benefit most from searing. We recommend Snake River Farms for that perfect cut.
  4. Seasoning is key: Olive oil, salt, and pepper are your best friends, but feel free to experiment with rubs and marinades for extra flavor.


Taming the Fire for Searing Glory


The Engel Master offers unparalleled control over your heat source. Here’s how to harness the power of wood or charcoal for searing success:

  1. Build a two-zone fire: Arrange your wood and charcoal in two piles – one hot for searing and another cooler for indirect cooking. Use a chimney starter for quick and even ignition.
  2. Sear directly over the hot coals: Place your meat over the hottest zone for a quick sear, creating that coveted crust.
  3. Move to indirect heat for finishing: Once the sear is achieved, move your meat to the cooler zone to finish cooking without overcooking.

The Versatility of the Engel Master


While searing is a grilling superpower, the Engel Master is a true versatility champion. This grill for outdoor kitchens can handle more than just a sizzling steak:

  • Smoke like a pro: Utilize the indirect heat zone and a fire basket to infuse your food with delicious smoky flavors. Think juicy pulled pork, succulent ribs, and melt-in-your-mouth brisket.
  • Rotisserie perfection: Enhance your grilling game with the two rotisserie rods. Watch chickens and roasts turn to crispy perfection under the gentle dance of the flames.
  • Pizza time: Transform your outdoor grill into a wood-fired pizza oven. The Engel Master’s high heat capacity creates the perfect environment for crispy crusts and bubbly cheese.
  • Baked goods: From artisanal bread to chocolate chip cookies and peach cobblers, the Engel Master turns into an outdoor oven in seconds.

Tools of the Trade for Searing Success


The right tools make all the difference in the grilling game. Here are some essentials for searing mastery:

  1. Long-handled tongs: Maneuver your food safely over the hot coals without getting singed.
  2. Fire Starter: Get your fire ready in no time.
  3. Instant-read thermometer: Ensure perfect doneness with precise temperature readings.
  4. Basting brush: Keep your meat moist with basting juices or melted butter for extra flavor.
  5. Grill scraper: Clean your grate efficiently after each grilling session to prevent sticking and flavor carryover.

Embrace the Sear, Embrace the Engel Master


With its searing prowess and culinary versatility, the Engel Master is more than just a stainless steel cooker in your outdoor kitchen. It’s an invitation to explore, experiment, and create.


So, fire up your grill, channel your inner grill master, and master the art of the sear. Your taste buds will thank you! Ready to unleash the searing power of your Engel Master? Visit our store and order yours today.

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