The Origin of Engel Fires

Our founder, Carl Engel, dreamt of a grill that did it all. From perfect steaks to wood-fired pizzas, he craved a versatile outdoor cooker that doubled as a stunning centerpiece. After years of innovation, the Engel Master was born in 2014 – surpassing anything on the market.

Engineered for durability and loved worldwide, Engel Fires brings its legacy of quality to the USA, the BBQ capital of the world!  Backed by our ironclad warranty and American assembly, we’re ready to fire up your next backyard adventure. 

Engel Fires BBQ grill and fireplace on a outside balcony for outdoor entertainment

Why Choose Engel Fires For Your Next Grill and Outdoor Fire Place

Quality and Durability: Engel Fires are premium outdoor cookers precision-engineered from 304 stainless steel and brass.

Versatility and Functionality: Wood-fired pizzas, BBQ grill, slow cook, smoke, rotisserie, bake, and outdoor fireplace.

Style and Aesthetics: The grill has a sleek and modern design to enhance your outdoor kitchen and patio space.

Satisfaction and Enjoyment: The Engel Master is easy to use and maintain and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Why Engel Fires Stands Alone

At Engel Fires, we don’t just build grills, we craft culinary experiences.  Every Engel Fire is a testament to New Zealand ingenuity, meticulously designed and built with the highest-quality materials to last a lifetime.



Forget flimsy grills that fall apart after a season. We use state-of-the-art CNC machines to achieve unmatched precision, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.  


This isn’t just a grill, it’s an investment in countless evenings spent grilling up backyard memories.

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