Cook An Entire Thanksgiving Feast On The Engel Master

Cook an entire Thanksgiving feast in the Engel Master BBQ Grill & Fireplace.


Imagine a beautiful autumn day, with the scent of burning wood in the air and the sound of a Thanksgiving meal being cooked on your Engel Master. Let’s celebrate American traditions by embarking on a culinary journey that goes beyond the usual.


Setting the Stage

The Engel Master is not just a barbecue grill; it’s an outdoor culinary instrument designed to redefine your approach to cooking. 

Crafted with precision and backed by innovative features, this charcoal and wood-fired marvel promises an unforgettable Thanksgiving experience like no other.


Thanksgiving Turkey 

The turkey takes on a new dimension when cooked on the Engel Master as the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving table. The wood-fired rotisserie mechanism ensures delicious flavors and scents as your bird slowly turns over the crackling embers, resulting in a succulent, golden masterpiece.


The adjustable flue and bifold lockable doors allow precise control over the cooking temperature, ensuring your turkey emerges with perfect crispy skin and tender, juicy meat. Say goodbye to the conventional oven – the Engel Master is your ticket to a show-stopping, wood-fired turkey feast.


Sides and Fixings

The cooker’s versatility extends beyond the main course. Utilize the generous cooking space to prepare an array of wood-fired sides that will leave your guests in awe. 


Roasted vegetables take on a smoky depth, sweet potatoes caramelize to perfection, and stuffing achieves an unparalleled flavor profile as it absorbs the essence of wood-fired cooking.


The multi-functional design allows you to roast, grill, or even bake your sides simultaneously, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors.


Smoky Gravy and Sauces

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without the rich, velvety texture of gravy flowing over your plate. The wood-fired smokiness in your gravy adds a layer of complexity that enhances this essential condiment.


Cranberry sauce or a smoky herb-infused dressing? The possibilities are as endless as the flavor combinations you can explore.


Bread and Rolls

The wood-fired oven feature takes your bread and rolls to new heights. Create warm, crusty loaves by moving the fire basket back and using the pizza stone bottom as a base. 


You can effortlessly transition from roasting to baking, creating an array of artisanal bread that will have your guests reaching for seconds.


Desserts: A Sweet Finale

As the grand finale approaches, remember the wood-fired desserts. Engel Master adds depth to your sweet creations, from rustic fruit cobblers to indulgent wood-fired pies. 


The wood-fired oven maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring that your desserts achieve the perfect balance of gooey and crispy. 


Cleaning up is also a breeze, with the oversized drip tray and the fire basket holding all the ash together. Thanksgiving cooking will finally be a walk in the park!


More Than Just A BBQ Grill

Engel Master isn’t just a grill; it’s a lifestyle. Embrace the tradition of wood-fired Thanksgiving feasts and unlock a world of culinary possibilities. 


Order your Engel Master today and embark on a culinary journey that merges innovation with tradition, setting the stage for unforgettable gatherings and exceptional meals.

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