Mastering Live Fire Cooking

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For centuries, fire has been the heart and soul of cooking. Its primal energy transforms ingredients, eliciting flavors that mere gas flames cannot replicate.

And for BBQ enthusiasts, there’s an undeniable allure to the art of live-fire cooking. It’s a celebration of tradition, a dance with the elements, and a journey towards culinary mastery.

Beyond the Basics

Many associate BBQ with grilling burgers and hot dogs sizzling over charcoal briquettes. While this holds a nostalgic charm, live-fire cooking extends far beyond the simple burger.

It’s about mastering different techniques, understanding the nuances of various fuels, and unlocking the full potential of fire’s transformative power.

The Fuel

The journey begins with choosing the right fuel. Each fuel imparts its unique character to the food, adding layers of complexity beyond mere heat. Here are some of the most popular choices for live-fire cooking: 

  • Hardwood: The classic choice, hardwood like oakhickory, and mesquite burns hot and slow, providing consistent heat and a smoky flavor. Different woods offer distinct flavor profiles, with oak offering a robust smokiness, hickory adding a hint of bacon-like sweetness, and mesquite delivering a bold, peppery punch. For the ultimate smoky experience, consider the Engel Master’s spacious cooking area and dedicated smoker functionality, allowing you to infuse your food with the rich, complex flavors of your favorite hardwood. 
  • Charcoal: Charcoal briquettes are readily available and offer a convenient option for grilling. However, they tend to burn hotter than hardwood, requiring closer attention to avoid burning your food. Lump charcoal, made from natural hardwood chunks, burns hotter and cleaner than briquettes, offering a more intense flavor. The Engel Master’s adjustable firebox and grill, lockable doors, and flue lets you easily control the heat and achieve perfect results, regardless of fuel. 
  • Wood Pellets: Pellet grills offer a unique combination of convenience and control. Wood pellets burn efficiently and evenly, allowing for precise temperature regulation. The variety of wood pellet flavors expands your culinary possibilities, adding subtle notes of fruit, nut, or spice to your food.
  • Gas: While gas grills offer convenience and ease of use, they lack the smoky flavor, excitement, and primal allure of live-fire cooking.

Taming the Flames

Once you’ve chosen your fuel, it’s time to delve into live-fire cooking techniques. Each technique offers a distinct advantage, allowing you to achieve specific results depending on your desired outcome.

    • Direct Grilling: This is the most common technique, where food is placed directly over the heat source. Direct grilling offers a beautiful sear and caramelized crust, ideal for burgers, steaks, and other quick-cooking cuts. The Engel Master’s adjustable grill grates allow you to control the distance between your food and the heat, ensuring perfect sear and even cooking. 
    • Indirect Grilling: This technique involves cooking the food away from the direct heat source, creating a gentler and even drier cooking environment. Perfect for larger cuts of meat or delicate seafood, indirect grilling ensures even cooking without burning. The spacious cooking area of the Engel Master and dedicated indirect grilling zones make it ideal for large gatherings and slow-cooking projects.
    • Smoking: Smoking uses low heat and smoke to slowly cook your food, imbuing it with smoky flavor and tenderizing even the toughest cuts. Ideal for brisket, ribs, and salmon, smoking requires patience and a good understanding of temperature control. The Engel Master’s wood-fired oven functionality takes roasting to a whole new level, infusing your food with the unique flavor of wood fire and creating a moist and tender interior.
    • Roasting: Roasting utilizes live fire to cook food in a closed environment, such as an oven or smoker. This method is ideal for whole chickens, turkeys, and vegetables, resulting in moist and flavorful dishes. The Engel Master comes with two rotisserie bars, allowing you to cook eight chickens simultaneously.

Improving your BBQ experience

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to up your BBQ game. Here are a few ways to take your live fire cooking to the next level: 

  • Embrace the sear: A beautiful sear adds visual appeal and intense flavor to your food. Use direct grilling over high heat to achieve a perfect crust.
  • Experiment with different wood combinations: Combining wood, like oak and cherry or hickory and apple, creates complex flavor profiles beyond the typical smoky note.
  • Brining and marinades: Brining infuses meat with moisture and flavor, while marinades add depth and complexity. Experiment with different recipes to find your signature taste.
  • Go beyond grilling: Live-fire cooking extends beyond the grill. Consider exploring smoking techniques, roasting vegetables over an open fire, or creating pizzas in your Engel Master wood-fired oven.

The Engel Master: Your Gateway to Culinary Excellence

Mastering live-fire cooking can be a breeze if you have the right tools. With the Engel Master, premium charcoal, and wood-fired BBQ grill, you’ll have the perfect companion for the ultimate live fire grilling experience.

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