One Grill. Infinite Possibilities

Simplify Your Outdoor Kitchen. Master Every Dish.

Add Flare to any Outdoor Setting

Unlike Any Other BBQ Grill & Fireplace

Discover a new dimension in outdoor cooking and entertainment with the Engel Master – handcrafted in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, and now available in North America!

The world’s first all-in-one freestanding or built-in Hybrid BBQ grill & fireplace lets you cook and grill on your terms. 


With this versatile modern wood/charcoal grill, you can cook all sorts of dishes without worrying about the limitations of traditional grills. 


It’s easy to use and allows you to experiment with any recipe. Argentinian-style grilling comes alive with richer, more satisfying flavors on the Engel Master.

Warm Fires Brings Friends and Family Together

Infinite Possibilities

Why have multiple cooking appliances and a outdoor fireplace when one masterpiece can do it all?


From perfectly caramelized BBQ to live-fire rotisserie delights, Engel Fires lets you cook it all. Savor slow-cooked meals, cheesy pizza bursting with flavor, or simply enjoy the outdoor fireplace feature.

When the fire dies down, why not roast classic S’mores or a warm peach cobbler for a sweet ending, making every meal an unforgettable one.

Engel Fires makes creating your cozy atmosphere, entertaining friends, and cooking fantastic food a breeze.  Contact us today, and let’s build your dream outdoor kitchen and entertainment space!

Switching between cooking methods?
Effortlessly Simple

Steak sizzeling on the Engel Fires charcoal Grill

BBQ Grill

Grilling has never been this easy, quick, and delicious. With the Engel Master, you’ll always get that distinctive smoky flavor and a beautiful char. 


Enjoy gaucho–style BBQ grilling, searing burgers, steaks, chops, and seafood with our high-temperature “steak house” grilling. 

Pizza Oven

Experience the authentic taste of wood-fired pizza with our heavily insulated design and pizza stone bottom.


The Engel Master is the key to restaurant-quality pizza at home, whether you prefer a classic Margherita or a pepperoni.
Pizza Engel Fires
Engel Fires Rotisserie over charcoal flames


Our double Wood-Fired Rotisserie System combines the unrivaled flavor of wood-fired cooking with innovative, motorized rotisseries. 


Roast eight whole chicken and vegetables to perfection simultaneously. 



Your perfect tool for crafting delicious rotisserie turkey, succulent duck, tender baby back ribs, and fall-off-the-bone pork shoulder. 


Whether you prefer the subtle nuances of cold smoking or the bolder flavors of hot smoking, the Engel Master is your versatile partner in crafting smoky gourmet dishes.

Explore a world of flavor possibilities by experimenting with a wide variety of woods and charcoals. Smoke meats, fish, poultry, and even vegetables, creating masterpieces that will tantalize your guests taste buds. 

Outdoor Cooking & Entertainment
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Slow Cooker

With multiple cooking zones, the Engel Master can be transformed into a perfect slow cooker, ideal for preparing delicious dishes such as brisket, pulled pork, pot roasts, and beef stews.

You will master the low and slow game in no time. Our guides will walk you through every step of the way.


Our innovative oven feature will ignite your passion for baking artisanal breads, peach cobblers, chocolate chip cookies, and many more dishes.


Designed to deliver exceptional baking performance, the Engel Master empowers you to explore the boundless possibilities of outdoor charcoal or wood-fired baking.

Bread baking in a charcoal oven

Our Clients

Thrilled with The Engel Master

“Since its easy installation, our grill has become the highlight of our outdoor space. From smoking to grilling to making wood-fired pizzas, the flavors are unmatched. It’s a game-changer!”

Isabelle, Texas

Highly Recommended

“The exquisite craftsmanship in this outdoor cooker makes every meal a delight and evening by the fire pure relaxation. The unique shape channels smoke upwards, allowing our guests to experience the warmth without the smoke. A must-have for all cooks!”

James, California

Latest Guides & Recipes

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Engel Fires Rotisserie over charcoal flames
Master Tips

Master Live-Fire Cooking: Your A-Z Guide

Unleash the grill master within! Our guide to charcoal and wood-fired cooking with the Engel Master covers everything from fire control to perfect steaks and smoky slow cooks. Master the art of live fire and transform your outdoor kitchen!

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Join the Engel Legacy

Becoming an Engel Master owner isn’t merely a purchase. It’s about becoming part of a tradition of individuals who demand nothing but the finest quality. 

Outdoor fireplace and BBQ grill, rotisserie, pizza oven, slow cooker, smoker, oven.
Engel Fires BBQ grill and fireplace on a outside balcony for outdoor entertainment

Secure Your Engel Master

The Engel Master is made of heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel and brass, creating a top-quality product for those who love flavorful food.


Invest in an Engel Master today for a lifetime of warmth & ambiance, good food, and memories.

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