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The Engel has been designed to sit proudly on your deck, patio, or outdoor entertaining area with minimal requirements. The required assembly includes affixing your Engel Master to a suitable non-combustible base (slate, tiles, concrete, fibrolite, or stainless) via the internal fixing points and attaching the chimney to the body.


We have bases available to fit your Engel Master (sold separately). Please advise us if you would like your Master supplied with a base.



Preparing Your Engel Master

Igniting the Master For The First Time

Before grilling on your Engel, please give it a good preheat! This “seasoning burn” helps cure the oven and grill surfaces. Here’s what to do:

  1. Load it Up: Fill your Engel fire pit or grill with dry firewood.
  2. Open Up the Flue: Ensure the flue is open for proper ventilation (flue handle pointing upwards).
  3. Quick Burn: Light and let the fire burn briefly to heat the surfaces.
  4. Light Oiling: Once the initial burn is complete, lightly coat the grill bars with cooking spray or high smoke point oil for easier food release.

Now your Engel is ready to cook up some delicious meals!



Crafting Your Perfect Fire

The heartbeat of every excellent grilling experience is the fire. For a gourmet wood-fired cooking experience, seasoned wood that has aged for at least a year is the best.



Think oak, fruit, or nut trees – they’re the champions of the grill. For those long, slow-cooking sessions, go big with hardwood.


But if grilling is on the menu, a large lump of charcoal sets the stage. And for those craving that iconic crispy crust on their pizzas or focaccia bread, smaller wood chunks get the Master oven roaring hot.



Fuel Tips for the Engel Master

  • Never compromise your feast. Avoid moldy or musty wood; it’ll leave an unsavory scent that’s anything but appetizing.
  • Excessive bark? More bitter than better.
  • Pine’s fantastic for getting the fire started or enjoying a fire after cooking, but save the culinary experience for the hard hitters – pine’s flavor isn’t what your prime cuts deserve.
  • Treated wood? Big no-no. Your food deserves better.
  • Moderation is key: Overfilling the fire basket can lead to stray wood chunks.


Preparation is The Key to Your Live Fire Cooking Success.
Ensure you plan your meal ahead. Doing as much as you can before your guests arrive will free you up to sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere that the Engel Master provides. 

Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza & Bread

Ensure your fire basket is ash-free; ash acts like an insulator, messing with that golden temperature. With your fire roaring for 45 minutes, target around 572°F. 


Once you’ve hit the temperature, it’s time to slide in those pizzas or bread directly on the scorching stone bottom. And remember, for pizzas, hotter is always better. For bread varieties like focaccia or larger loaf bread, aim for a nice 428°F.



Engel’s Grill Guide

Before grilling, let the flames turn into smoldering embers. A quick tip: always oil the meat, not the grill. Seek out those signature char marks for that smoky, tantalizing flavor. Rest your meats—it’s not laziness. It’s genius.



The Rotisserie Experience

After 15-30 minutes of fiery prep, push that fire basket back, skewer your chosen meats, and let Engel’s rotisseries work their magic. For a twist, consider seasoned rubs to up your rotisserie game. Your Engel comes with a convenient drip tray that hangs from the shaft. This tray serves two great purposes:

  • Catch Those Drippings: The tray collects drippings from your food as it cooks, helping to keep your fire pit clean and minimize flare-ups.
  • Flavorful Veggies: Love grilled vegetables? Place them in the drip tray while your main course cooks above. The tray catches the drippings, allowing your veggies to baste in those delicious juices for extra flavor and tenderness.

This drip tray is a handy tool for a cleaner and tastier outdoor grilling experience.



Low and Slow Grilling

Set up your Engel Fire with large hardwood pieces, targeting a consistent 250°F.  With the fire basket positioned at the front of your fireplace, lower the grill and place your meat onto it. Raise the grill to its highest position and close down the flue and the doors, remembering to keep an eye on the temperature. 


Depending on your cut’s size, anticipate a good six hours of patient waiting. But oh, the rewards! 



Wet Cooking

Choose your favorite meat rub, add your choice of liquid (beer, cider, or perhaps a chili paste), and let your meat bask in the flavors. Post-cooking, let the meat rest in the juices, shred, and drown in reduced cooking juices for an explosion of flavors.



Wood Smoking 

Whether it’s fish or meat, lay them on a wire rack. Damp wood chips will give you that smoky essence without the flames. For an Asian twist, consider a brine bath followed by a glaze of soy, lime, brown sugar, and chili.



Visit our comprehensive guides for a more in-depth look at mastering your Engel Master. Let’s redefine wood-fired cooking together!


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